CORE - Creative Brief

CORE Strategy helped us define who the Revive Ranch is and who we are designing your brand for. This creative brief will help show what we discovered, what the vision for the brand is, and how we can execute this in terms of technical design.


We are building a brand and platform(s) that will assist in facilitating the milestones and objectives outlined in the Revive Ranch Business Plan. Revive Ranch has the goal of being “the venue destination” with campuses in five states. We’re partnering with you to build the brand and platform(s) that will help catalyze this vision.



Project Details – What We’re Doing. Why We’re Doing It.

Brand Review – Who We’re Designing For. What It Should Look Like.

Project Details – What We’re Doing. Why We’re Doing It.


What does this project entail?


Revive Ranch Website

An website with landing pages to visually and articulately share the vision, goals, opportunities, and latest news related to Revive Ranch.

Revive Ranch ERP & CMS

An online platform to fulfill the needs required in both an ERP & CMS. This platform will serve as a "single solution" platform for all aspects of business interactions and sales.

Revive Ranch Social Media

Design, create, and implement templates, posts, and other data points to share Revive Ranch's vision. Interact on social media platforms (TBD) to grow and generate brand awareness.

Revive Ranch Brand Identity

Design, create, and provide templates, graphics, and other data points that serve as a guide to craft the Revive Ranch brand identity. Including typography, iconography, logos, etc.

What is the purpose?

Lay A Strong Foundation

Our goal is to prevent Revive Ranch from having to invest heavily in ad-hoc solutions as the foundations are being laid. We believe, as Jesus taught, that the first step in building is to count the cost. In addition to that principle, we plan based on proven strategic best practices which enable Revive Ranch to gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

Increase Efficiency, Save Time.

Through our CORE strategy sessions, we've been able to spotlight practices and processes that are hindered by a platform (or sometimes lack of) that doesn't do the job we need it to. The custom platform will help automate hundreds to thousands of hours of labor each year. It will also bring unity and clarity to documentation, databases, and information infrastructure.

Driving A Compelling Brand, Consistently.

Establishing Revive Ranch as "the venue destination..." will need to be done by winning both the intellectual and the emotional battle. Our diverse audiences have one commonality, they need to connect with Revive Ranch. We want to re-enforce a clear brand through every interaction.

Steps Required (Deliverables)

New Hosting Platform

We'll set up a new web hosting platform through WPMUDEV. As we discovered in CORE, this platform includes support for custom plugins and a CDN that is included. It simplifies the design process and offers needed functions and features that are not currently available through other less capable host options.

WordPress Installation
We will create a WordPress website based on the latest version of PHP and WordPress to ensure security and reliability. Additionally, all domains and subdomains will have production and staging based environments.

WordPress Design & Development

We will utilize a customized page builder that will allow users without technical coding skill the ability to design pages and continue the brand aesthetics without effort. The look will be unified throughout the website.

Membership Platform
The website should also use a sub-directory as a membership platform. This way we have one data source (the website) for all of our member information and communication.

Online Course Platform
CORE strategy has shown there is a wonderful opportunity to meet Revive Ranch's awareness, revenue and efficiency goals by redesigning how we utilize online courses.

Single Database - Amazing Directory
One of the biggest benefits of this new system is the fact that all contacts, directories, user information and leads will be kept in one easy to manage database. Customization will allow for different types of users to appear in different directories, data lists and email distros. Administrators will be able to easily navigate this information.


Customer Relationship Management Streamlined
Easily track & follow up queries with leads, subscribers & clients. Add reminders, information, comments, messages, and a lot more in user's profile. They’re like quick alarms, milestones of your progress & clues which will lead you to valuable insights.

Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP has 3 core modules: HR, CRM and Accounting
ERP systems tie together a multitude of business processes and enable the flow of data between them. By collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth.


Brand Statement

Our Guide To Who We Are:

“Revive Ranch is the venue destination for those seeking restoration.

This transformational, authentic journey helps you feel fully alive with a renewed sense of purpose.

This is life-changing.

Who We Are Designing For

Additional Users That Interact With Your Brand

Your organization serves a wide array of people. Some of these “users” might be soccer moms while another is a career bureaucrat. Due to the time limitations of our CORE workshops, we outlined the main user types/profiles (as shown below). The CORE exercises should be utilized by your entire team whenever an opportunity presents itself to design, strategize or interact with a new type of user.

Larry Smith

Spiritual Leader

Larry represents those folks who are our spiritual leaders that we seek to restore and revive. Having been weighed down and beat up, sometimes withoutt even realizing it, Larry needs a break. His wife, kids, and church that he leads need a fresh sabbath season to bring healing to "the land".

Jane Johnson

Public Guest

Jane is our typical public resort guest. As a local real estate agent and traveling mom extraordinaire, Jane is in need of some R&R. The grind of the day to day is wearing her down and if she has to deal with her over bearing ex husband she's gonna lose it. What she needs is time to unwind, a good book, her girlfriends to join her at the spa, and connect with herself and wellness. She's looking for that escape, even if just for the weekend.

Dennis Rice


Worked hard his whole life. Served his nation when the call went out. When he returned home, home wasn't the same. Cast out, ignored, and brushed into the shadows, Dennis isn't looking for a hand out but, a hand up. It's purpose he craves. Unware of this, he has been searching in all the wrong places. Revive Ranch is changing that. Through work in the FARM program and renewal provided by Life Academy, Dennis is finding his purpose and helping others find theirs too.

Joe Jacobs


Early mornings, hard work, healthy, and honest. All those things describe Joe Jacobs but, he'd describe himself as "chef"! It's his passion. Professionally he loves creating new dishes that tickle the palette and craft excitement. He desires to be a big name some day but, for now, his biggest critics are the ones he cares the most for. They call him "dad".

Understand the customer language.

 Using CORE To Speak To Our Audience Through Our Top Brand Attributes

Examples Of How We Can Communicate To Our Audience

Design Directions To Drive A Compelling Brand

There Are Several Directions Your Brand Design Could Go…

While Still Being True To Who Revive Ranch Is.


Technical & Creative Requirements


These are a brief description of the basic needs that should be met before design begins. The team that is implementing the design will have additional requirements that relates to their specific coding, plugins, systems, and design partners.

This information will be in a SOW (Scope of Work) or MSA (Master Service Agreement).



Discovery Phase

1.0         Discovery: On-site Facilitation (2-3 Days)

CORE Strategy to bring the vision and ideal solutions into alignment. This was completed pro-bono.


Design Phase

2.1         Identity Design

Includes three style scapes, up to three rounds of logo revisions, and a comprehensive brand style guide.

2.2         Brand Collateral

Includes one marketing brochure, wayfinding & signage templates, and a business stationery package.

2.3         Marketing Website 

WordPress website with a customer theme, copywriting and required photography/illustrations. Full price and scope are to be determined post-discovery and outlined in a separate scope of work. 




Develop Phase

3.0         CRM, CMS, & ERP System 

Develop fully integrated CRM, CMS, and ERP systems that integrate into the WordPress website. 





Expectations For Design Timelines

Here’s what we think are realistic goals for accomplishing the projects:

2 - 6 WEEKS

Setting up new hosting, migrating any current site data, and beginning to design a new website.

2 - 4 WEEKS

Craft an articulate brand identity with tangible deliverables.

6 - 8 WEEKS

Develop the new membership, CMS, CRM, and ERP platforms. Execute a seamless development.

13 - 16 WEEKS

Have a functioning website in "staging" mode ready for testing & step by step roll-out. (Entire design from start date 'til finish)

NOTE* These are time-frame estimates based on our experience with projects of this scope .

A final schedule will be included in the scope of work agreement.

Next Steps

Where Do We Go From Here?