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Motivation Verse Discipline

siteadmin June 7, 2023
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Walk By Faith?

In our courses, we like to help reveal Biblical insights and perspectives that you might not have heard before. One insight that I find interesting is from the story of the lame man found in 

Your Organization

The answer to God’s why is “love”. It is what drives forward EVERYTHING that God allows and does directly. Without knowing the why (love in God’s case) we can’t fully grasp the other mystery. When we do seem the why, everything else begins to make sense. 

In your business, you can do many things. You can craft a brand. You can market. Heck, you could change the world. But, without knowing and being able to articulate the why, those things might be impossible to achieve.

In the next lesson, we are going to learn how to answer the why. Not just place a sentence together and hope it’s correct, we are going to dig deep, unravel you as a person and answer the real why.