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The Problem Tree:
Learn To Expose Problems
From Their Root Causes


In this lesson, we don’t intend to turn you into Biblical scholars or diagnose any spiritual issues. We are however going to show you some fantastic Biblical realities that you may have never heard or seen before and use those realities to show you how to diagnose, expose, and resolve problems in your organization. 

First, let’s start with fruit. Jesus says in Matthew 7:20 that by their fruits you will know them. Every believer is given the Holy Spirit who bears fruit in our lives. His nature is to produce love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These are natural by-products of His existence. It is His nature. Likewise, other spirits produce other fruit. 

In the Bible, there are 16 different spirits mentioned by name. Each of these spirits is described by what fruit they produce. We are to diagnose or identify these spirits by their fruit as Matthew 7 tells us. When we know which spirit we are dealing with, we can bind them and apply God’s solution for that specific spirit. We’re going to address how this relates to your organization in a few moments but, first, we must understand this principle by taking a closer look at the problem tree below.

This tree illustrates one of these specifically named spirits, “the spirit of heaviness”. You can see the type of fruit the spirit produces by its mere existence in someone’s life. The fruit can be dealt with by medications, comforts, exercise, etc., but the main problem is the spirit itself. And that spirit has a root cause to it. Spending effort on the fruit is a fruitless endeavor. You MUST identify the main problem (in this case the spiritual entity), realize the root cause, and apply the solution. 

Your Organization

Now that we understand this Biblical principle and reality, let’s apply it to your business or organization. Many times over the years companies have come to us asking for help with all kinds of fruit they don’t want in their business. They spent countless hours, money, and effort removing the fruit and nothing seemed to fix the problem. If you have a peach tree and remove all the peaches, guess what grows back next year? More peaches!

If your organization is struggling with fruit that shouldn’t be there then you need to identify the main problem, the root cause(s) for the main problem, and the solutions to fix the problem from the ground up. In the next lesson, we will give some examples of how to do this and give you a chance to try it on your own.