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Let's Solve Your App Need...

Let’s shoot this straight. When you need an application designed it is because you have very specific needs that existing software doesn’t address. We design apps that work for your specific needs and workflow. Our process gives you clarity and vision so you can make an informed decision on what will be required to bring your application to life.  

Platform Perfect...

In our experience, clients don’t always need an iPhone or android app. I mean, we build those but, we also use other platforms as well. Whether you need a platform specific applicaiton designed or an application that works across every device on every operating system, we can help. 


Cross Platform. No Installation.
They are built using the same web-building techniques and run within a web browser as well as websites. They also exist on a specific domain that is reserved specifically for the application, such as websites. It fits into its capabilities and it can also work on computers.


Platform Specific. Needs Installation.
They are the most popular type of applications, built using native languages. It is used to build a custom application for only one platform, where the Android application is built using the Java and iOS application is built using Swift or Objective C. It only works within the platform and can be downloaded from the platform.


Accessible On Any Device.
They are mixed applications between web applications and native applications, which use Javascript, CSS, and HTML to build them.

It Is Your Property...

We don’t do what a lot of “app developers” do. Many charge you a monthly or annual fee to use your application. Other times there is a per-user fee. We develop applications that are your intellectual property. No limits. No hidden fees. Perfect apps that you control or can have other support teams assist with as well. 

Apps Can Be Expensive, Maybe...

We have built apps for nothing (literally $0 for non-profits) and we’ve had $20,000+ apps. It really depends on what you are looking to get done. For further examples, an app built on Google Sheets will typically be less expensive than a native app built only for iOS. Let’s chat and find out what you’re looking for and we will help you find the best solution, even if it’s not with us.