We Help Your Logo Become Unforgettable

Let's Solve Your Logo Problem...

So, what’s a logo anyway? A pretty icon? A cool modern looking symbol? How much is a logo worth? All of these are pretty good questions that you may have asked before. Ready for the answers? A logo is a story. It’s an emotional story in one image. It is supposed to remind your viewer how they should feel about your brand.

Now, image a t-shirt. It sells for $5. Place a Nike logo on that shirt and it’s now worth $25. So, how much would you pay for the Nike logo? is it worth $50 or $1,000,000? Nike would pay a whole lot more than $50. If you had a way to add a logo to something and increase its value exponentially, what you’d you pay for that logo?

Shut Up, Anyone Can Make A Logo...

Yea, its true, anyone can draw a flower or symbol and call it a logo. I mean heck, McDonald’s logo is an “M”. So, why do you need us to help you make a logo? It’s our story telling. You can place an “M” on a business card and say your logo is all done. What you might not  be able to do is make a logo that engages your viewer emotionally and becomes unforgettable to them. Our process does that. Want proof that a logo is more than a pretty symobl or a “swoosh mark”? 

 People will buy the $25 shirt instead of the $5 shirt even though they are exactly the same thing because the simple “swoosh mark” is on the $25 shirt. The viewer sees the logo and thinks to themselves, “i can run faster with that logo on.” “i’ll be part of the cool crowd with that logo on my shirt”. That is an emotional story the viewer has based on a simple swoosh. So, are you really having that effect with your logo?

What's The Process?

We encourage all our parenters to go through our CORE process. This helps you and us, discover all the facets of your business’ story and how your company should be connecting with the ideal client. Once we are done with CORE, we’ll all know what the perfect logo should look like. However, if you already have an idea, our experts will help flush out that idea and design a perfect logo which will be usable on all medias and formats. 

How Much Are You Charging?

We don’t know yet. Let’s talk and figure it out together. We won’t sell you a “Lexus” when you need a tow truck or vice versa. We can tell you this. After a 5 minute phone call, if we don’t think we’re a good fit for you we will help you find a solution that is. We aren’t afraid to lose business that isn’t our to earn in the first place. We’re not conmen, we’re solution providers. 

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