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Ready for one of the best explanations on the subject of marketing? Here it is… You can compare marketing to being in a high school cafeteria. You could be the person that stands up and shouts “everyone look at me and what I am doing!” You would get a lot of attention. Everyone in the cafeteria would stop what their doing and look at you. Well, they would look at you for about 30 seconds. You can keep screaming and fewer and fewer people would pay attention. Eventually, you’re ignored completely. That’s the method the vast majority of businesses and “marketing” companies suggest taking. And it is not the best way.

So, what is the best way? Instead of standing and shouting yourself, you need to have each table talking about you. Each group needs to have your company as their topic of conversation. Now, instead of one “crazy person” shouting, you have many people whispering. A shout is loud, abrasive, and repelling. A whisper is inviting, focused, and forces the hearer to lean into what you’re saying.

Let's Get To Whispering...

Now the question is how do we get people to whisper about your company? What tactics, platforms, verbiage, imagery, etc do we utilize to help steer the conversations and emotions we want the groups to have? The answer in this paragraph is … We can’t tell you. Well, not yet anyway. If all we wanted to do was shout how great you and your product are, there is no tact needed. Just start ranting. However, if we want your company to be what other tables are talking about, we need to know how to communicate and who we are communicating with. This process requires three things.



Our CORE process helps us discover three key factors:

  • Who your company is...
  • Who your ideal customer is....
  • What are your business goals...
  • Planning

    Remember, you have to pay customers to pay attention; that’s advertising. Audiences happily give you their time and attention. Our process for planning this is just better than others. It's true.


    Using CORE principles, we are able to build your audience/tribe. It’s a shift in thinking. We give you the tools and power to grow your audience for years to come.

    The Right Tools...

    After we help find the perfect plan, we then utilize the perfect tools to execute that plan. Sometimes that is Facebook Ads, other times it might be Google Ads or even no ads at all. Whether we’re helping you through paid search engine marketing or the various organic non-paid avenues, we are experts in what has been referred to as “gorilla marketing”.

    Transparent & Honest

    We’re not afraid to lose your business so we don’t hide anything. We’re not arrogant, we know that we are not owed anything and we have to earn your business. When it comes to your marketing, you will know what you’re paying for and that you’re investment is worth every penny.